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Gift Card
Sky membership Card


The owner of Sky Gold Card is granted to have 5% discount for each ferther purchase. At the end of year, card owners can receive GIFT CARD /certain amount of purchase/ by shopping regularly in Sky Department Store. More than 20 companies are 5-30% discounted by Golden membership card. Free car cleaning service everyday ar Sky Department Store parking place.

Note: In case of loosing the membership Card or necessity to change the Card, the customer can change or obtain the Card at Sky Department Store Information Desk. /personal ID and 5000tug are required/

Sky Golden Card Discounted Companies.

"Evergood" Hair Salon


"Lady" Center

"Sarnaikh" Beauty Salon 5%
"Gyals" Invesigation center 5%
"Hartford" Institute 5%
"Khaitan" Dry, Cleaning 10%
"OB Plastic " Plastic Bag 5%
"Nomin Dent " Dental Hospital 5%
"ProgessTrans" Freight Forwarder 5%
"Aquatic Sports" Tuition Center 5%
"FM 104.5" Radio 5%
"Ikh Kharanga" Advertising , International trading 5%
"Ih Mongol Post " LLC 5%
"Joy" Foot Massage Center 20%
"Menics" Advertising 20%
"Burged Security" LLC 5%
"Bat Garts" Driving Course 5%

"Khaan" Каrаоке


Discounted Companies Between 1st of OCT.2007 and 1st of MAY.2008

"Chinggis Khaan " Hotel


"Khaan" Restaurant

"Altai Cashmere " LLC 10%
"Resto" Pub 5%
"Temuujin" Restaurant 5%

"Mr.Wang" Restaurant


If you need any additional information, please contact us:

Contact Person: Erdenetuya D.
Information Manager, Information Service
Tel: 976-11-319090 Ext: 500
Fax: 976-11-315181
E-mail: marketing@skyshop.mn

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