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SKY SHOPPING CENTER was established in 7th of July, 2001 as the most modern and highly equipped Shopping center One stop shopping with the best service and high quality well known products. Sky's locate at the center of UB city.

Main activities: import, export, retail and whole sale, department store.
Sourcing: Over 16000 kinds of goods.
Partners: Korea, People's Republic of China, Russia, USA, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Italy.

Management policy:

Our mission is to facilitate our mite for fatherland development be esteeming every every cosumers, hegemonicing ou business field, prefering qualitative goods and cultured service.

Values and principles:

  • "Sky" brand;
  • Our "Customer is GOD" philosophy;
  • We are either costumers and servers;
  • Collectives finding and effectuating any jobs initiatively;.


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